Model 200 Mini-Sealer


The Model 200 is a small tabletop cold seal machine, ideal for mailing books, replacement spare parts, etc. Using precut sheets of single face corrugated or paper-backed microfoam, the Model 200 mini sealer produces packages up to 20” wide by 2 1/2” deep. This simple hand fed unit can produce up to 250 packages per hour and is ideal for low cost, low volume packaging operations.


Machine Specifications:

  • Provides a compact work cell in order to efficiently wrap and package virtually any products.
  • Uses pre-cut sheets of cohesive materials up to 20″ wide
  • It runs on 110 V.A.C. and no air is required.
  • Some operators can make up to 250 packages per hour

Material Substrates That Can Be Run On

  • All of the material has to be cohesive coating.
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