Model CH 1800 Horizontal Heat Seal Pouch Machine


System Packaging has combined its versatile, high quality Horizontal Double Web Cold Seal Machine (the Model 9000) using strip coated bubble or polyethylene with a heat seal cut-off, to produce packages that don’t mold to the product shape, can have easy-open feature, and are easily returned – providing the extra value-added service your customers will appreciate. This is ideal for fulfillment applications currently using bags or mailers.

The CH-1800 easily produces 20 to 25 packages per minute using just one operator and can make various mailer lengths on the fly. This system also allows you to stock rolls versus boxes, for additional cost savings and increased warehouse space.


Machine Specifications:

  • This machine uses two rolls of strip coated bubble or polyethylene
  • The CH1800 measures the length of the product and makes a package accordingly
  • The standard system comes with a flited/lugged infeed conveyor
  • The side seals and length cutoff are done simultaneously in the sealing head of the system
  • Machine operation and setup are done through the touch screen controller
  • Pneumatic spindle for a quick material change
  • The system is available in 18″ and 24″ wide models
  • The maximum width and height through the machine varies upon the model
  • The CH1800 has a 5″ high package capability
  • The 600-18 has a 6″ hgh package capability
  • The CH2400 gas a 8″ high package capability
  • It uses 220-440 V.A.C. and 80 PSI
  • The units can run up to 15 to 20 packages per minute

Machine options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Print and apply label applicators
  • Tape applicator for reclose able packages
  • Perforators for easy open packages
  • Inline package sortation systems
  • Barcode/verify scanners
  • Wider spaced flite sections for larger products
  • Inline weighing and manifesting
  • Printers/inserts for packing slips and/or return labels
  • Friction feeders for automatic collating


  • CH-1800 Standard 18” maximum width and 5” maximum height
  • CH-2400 Standard 24” maximum width and 8” maximum height
  • 8’ Stainless Steel Flited Infeed Conveyor
  • 3’ Exit Conveyor
  • Touch Screen Operator Control Panel
  • Powered Width Adjustments
  • Nema 12 Electrical Enclosure
  • No special ventilation problems
  • Random length control system lets operator vary package length on the fly for most economy of material

Material Substrates That Can Be Run On

  • All of the material has to be cohesive coating.
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