Cold Seal Machinery

Model 9000

Model 9000 Random Length Double Web Machine Description The 9000 random length machine is equipped with indexing feed fingers to speed the handling and loading of rectangular items such as books, CD’s, etc. It accepts a continuous stream of products varying in length and adjusts the package length accordingly. Speed will vary by length of…

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Model 900

Model 900 Double Web Machine Description The Model 900 is perfectly suited to a wide range of packaging applications. This machine is ideal for packaging applications in the automotive, medical, building products, and light manufacturing industries. Its flexibility and extensive selection of specialized options have made it especially popular with book publishers and distributors, and…

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Model 800

Model 800 Single Web V Machine Description The Model 800 is a Single Web V Machine ideal for packaging such items as golf clubs, transmission shafts, fishing rods, cutting blades, cabinet/trim moldings, and automotive body moldings. The machine uses one web of cold seal material to complete the package. Economical in operation, the Model 800…

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Cold Seal

Model 600

Model 600 3-D Style Double Web Machine Description The Model 600 is an extremely versatile horizontal double web machine designed to package three-dimensional pieces. The 600 is currently used by a number of leading manufacturers and book publishers. Products they are packaging range from publications, trophies, farm machinery parts, and crankshafts to automobile engine blocks.…

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Model 4500

Model 4500 Vertical Pouch Machine Description Model 4500 -Ideal for packaging a variety of small items SYSTEM PACKAGING Model 4500. The Model 4500 is ideal for packaging hardware, fasteners,electronic parts and drapery accessories. The 4500 is available in 6, 12 or 15 inch web width – for use with paper, polyethylene,or a combination of both.…

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200 Mini Sealer

Model 200 Mini-Sealer Description The Model 200 is a small tabletop cold seal machine, ideal for mailing books, replacement spare parts, etc. Using precut sheets of single face corrugated or paper-backed microfoam, the Model 200 mini sealer produces packages up to 20” wide by 2 1/2” deep. This simple hand fed unit can produce up…

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