Model 600 3-D Style Double Web Machine


The Model 600 is an extremely versatile horizontal double web machine designed to package three-dimensional pieces. The 600 is currently used by a number of leading manufacturers and book publishers. Products they are packaging range from publications, trophies, farm machinery parts, and crankshafts to automobile engine blocks.

The Model 600 comes in two models, the 600-18 and 600-36, and it can be custom designed to meet your specific packaging needs.


Machine Specifications:

  • The machine uses pre-set length counters to regulate the package size
  • This machine uses two rolls of cold seal material to make the protective pouch (the lower web is scored and formed into a tray thus making the 3D-style profile).
  • The lower web of the material runs over the infeed table and carries the product into the sealing portion
  • This is where the upper roll of material joins the product to form the protective pouch
  • The end seals and length cutoff are done simultaneously in the sealing head of the system
  • The machine uses pre-set length counters to regulate the package size
  • Machine operation and setup are done through the touchscreen controller
  • This allows the operator to make adjustments quickly and easily
  • The system is available in 18″ and 36″ wide models
  • The 600-18 has a 6″ high package capability
  • The 600-36 has a 10″ high package capability
  • Length through the system is only limited by what can be supported on the infeed table

Machine options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Available in 18” and 36” web widths
  • Manual or automatic operation with adjustable dwell time in the automatic mode.
  • Dial in length control system – lets operator vary package length in 1/10” increments throughout the range of the machine
  • Operator can easily convert machine to package flat items
  • All head adjustments are motorized


  • Electric eye cutoff
  • Roll printer
  • Parts counter and feeder
  • Batch counter
  • Label applicator
  • Incline conveyor

Material Substrates That Can Be Run On

  • All of the material has to be cohesive coating.
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