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System Packaging is a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging machinery. Browse our cold seal, heat sealcold/heat seal, and form, fill, and seal collections, or contact us to learn how we can design custom packaging machinery to fit your unique business needs.

200 Mini Sealer

Model 200 Mini-Sealer Description The Model 200 is a small tabletop cold seal machine, ideal for mailing books, replacement spare parts, etc. Using precut sheets of single face corrugated or paper-backed microfoam, the Model 200 mini sealer produces packages up to 20” wide by 2 1/2” deep. This simple hand fed unit can produce up…

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Model 1100

Model 1100 Zipper Style Bagging Machine Description No more costly inventories of pre-made bags – the Model 1100 series uses inexpensive, readily available polyethylene center-fold reclosable roll stock. This highly reliable microprocessor-controlled bagging system can cut your packaging cost by as much as 70%. System Packaging assures your outstanding product and service support, prompt delivery,…

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Model 1200

Model 1200 Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine The Model 1200 machines are highly reliable, microprocessor-controlled, and can cut your packaging costs by up to 70%. Using inexpensive polyethylene or other colaminate roll stock, these systems produce 25-30 bags per minute, depending on the model, package size, and product. The 1200 will free you from…

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Model 1219

Model 1219 Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine Description The Model 1219 is an economical, high speed, versatile and easy to use bagging system, perfect for packaging all kinds of small parts, dry goods, processed foods, etc. It is a fully automated system with adjustable dwell time and built-in cycle and batch counters. The touch-screen…

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Model 1300

Model 1300 Poly Tubing Bagging Machine Description The model M-1300’s unique design makes use of inexpensive polyethylene tubing to eliminate premade bags, hand sealing and single-source supply headaches. All machine functions of the model M-1300 baggers are controlled by a microprocessor-based system unique to the packaging industry. All components are modular, keep­ing service problems to…

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Model 4500

Model 4500 Vertical Pouch Machine Description Model 4500 -Ideal for packaging a variety of small items SYSTEM PACKAGING Model 4500. The Model 4500 is ideal for packaging hardware, fasteners,electronic parts and drapery accessories. The 4500 is available in 6, 12 or 15 inch web width – for use with paper, polyethylene,or a combination of both.…

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Cold Seal

Model 600

Model 600 3-D Style Double Web Machine Description The Model 600 is an extremely versatile horizontal double web machine designed to package three-dimensional pieces. The 600 is currently used by a number of leading manufacturers and book publishers. Products they are packaging range from publications, trophies, farm machinery parts, and crankshafts to automobile engine blocks.…

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Model 800

Model 800 Single Web V Machine Description The Model 800 is a Single Web V Machine ideal for packaging such items as golf clubs, transmission shafts, fishing rods, cutting blades, cabinet/trim moldings, and automotive body moldings. The machine uses one web of cold seal material to complete the package. Economical in operation, the Model 800…

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Model 900

Model 900 Double Web Machine Description The Model 900 is perfectly suited to a wide range of packaging applications. This machine is ideal for packaging applications in the automotive, medical, building products, and light manufacturing industries. Its flexibility and extensive selection of specialized options have made it especially popular with book publishers and distributors, and…

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Model 9000

Model 9000 Random Length Double Web Machine Description The 9000 random length machine is equipped with indexing feed fingers to speed the handling and loading of rectangular items such as books, CD’s, etc. It accepts a continuous stream of products varying in length and adjusts the package length accordingly. Speed will vary by length of…

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Model CH 1800

Model CH 1800 Horizontal Heat Seal Pouch Machine Description System Packaging has combined its versatile, high quality Horizontal Double Web Cold Seal Machine (the Model 9000) using strip coated bubble or polyethylene with a heat seal cut-off, to produce packages that don’t mold to the product shape, can have easy-open feature, and are easily returned…

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Model CH 45

Model CH 45 Vertical Heat Seal Pouch Machine Description System Packaging has combined its versatile, high-quality double web pouch machine (the Model 4500) using strip coated bubble or polyethylene with a heat seal cut-off, to produce packages that don’t mold to the product shape, can have easy-open feature, and are easily returned – providing the…

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Model Mark 12

Mark 12 Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine Description The Mark 12 packaging systems series consists of machines that create bags up to 12″ wide by 16″ long from polyethylene roll stock. These machines can form, fill, and seal at rates up to 100 bags per minute. In addition to inexpensive poly, Mark 12 systems…

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Crafting Excellence with Industrial Packaging Machines

With over 50 years at the forefront of the packaging industry, System Packaging stands as a market leader in excellence and innovation. Our journey, rooted in a steadfast commitment to quality, has made us a trusted name in industrial packaging machines and a cornerstone in the packaging industry. At the heart of the operation is a deep-seated dedication to crafting bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. System Packaging isn’t just a manufacturer; we’re your partner in packaging, continually pushing the boundaries to offer you the most advanced and reliable industrial packaging machinery.

Unmatched Benefits of Industrial Packaging Machines

Choosing System Packaging for your custom industrial packaging machines means opting for a legacy of excellence and innovation. We use modern technology to deliver advanced solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Our lineup of machines includes:

  • Cold Seal Machines: Cold seal machines are ideal for packaging products that may be otherwise damaged by heat, and are typically more efficient than heat seal machines.
  • Heat Seal Machines: Heat seal machines provide durable sealing by heating film on packaging to create a seal – no additional adhesive is required.
  • Cold/Heat Seal Machines: These machines combine cold and heat seal technology for versatile and efficient packaging.
  • Form, Fill, and Seal Machines: Streamline your packaging process with these machines that form the packaging, fill it with product, and seal it.

Together, these technologies ensure custom packaging that meets nearly every industry’s requirements with efficiency and precision. Here’s why making System Packaging your partner will be a game-changing strategy:

  • In-house Expertise: Every machine is a product of in-house skills, ensuring quality and reliability
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored specifically for your operational needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity
  • Modern Technology: Cutting-edge solutions that keep you ahead in a competitive market
  • Valuable Assets: Machines that aren’t just tools, but assets adding value to your business
  • Learning Experience: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge that comes with over 50 years in the packaging industry
  • Ongoing Support: You’re never alone in your journey to operational excellence

Discover the Diversity of Industrial Packing Machinery with Frequently Asked Questions

System Packaging takes pride in our range of industrial packaging machinery designed to meet various industrial needs. From robust Cold Seal to versatile Heat Seal technologies, here’s a glimpse into the world of System Packaging:

What Types of Packaging Machines Are Available?

Our lineup includes Cold Seal, Heat Seal, Cold/Heat Seal, and Form Fill and Seal machinery. These industrial packaging machines can be custom-designed for your specific needs.

Can I Get a Machine Customized for My Business?

Absolutely! Our team specializes in designing machines tailored to your unique packaging requirements. We’ve provided custom industrial packaging machinery to dozens of different industries.

What Sets Your Cold Seal Machines Apart?

Our Cold Seal Machinery is renowned for its efficiency and reliability, providing a perfect solution for more sensitive products.

How Does Your Heat Seal Technology Benefit My Packaging Process?

Heat Seal Machinery offers precision and versatility, ensuring solid and consistent product seals.

What Support Can I Expect After Purchasing a Machine?

We provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your machinery continues to operate at its best. We also offer packaging machine parts and service to help maintain your machine long term.

Industrial Packaging Machinery Benefits Your Production

Industrial packaging machines are more than equipment; they catalyze improvement throughout your production and the consumer experience. By embracing custom industrial packaging machinery, you’re not just upgrading your operations; you’re enhancing the entire lifecycle of your product from creation to consumption. Here’s what that means for your business and your customers:

  • Precision Packing: Tailored machinery means each product is packaged with precision, ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Operational Excellence: Custom solutions integrate seamlessly, enhance workflow, and reduce errors.
  • Brand Enhancement: Quality packaging reflects on your brand and elevates your market position.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reliable packaging means satisfied customers and fewer returns.
  • Innovation at Your Fingertips: Stay ahead with adaptable solutions and continuous improvement through ongoing support from System Packaging.
  • Sustainable Success: Custom machinery can be designed with sustainability in mind, appealing to modern consumers and reducing your environmental impact.

Enhance Your Industrial Packaging Production with System Packaging

Initiate a transformative journey with System Packaging’s industrial packaging machines. Our team of packaging machinery experts will assist you in selecting and customizing the perfect machinery for your business needs and help ensure a smooth and efficient transition to better packaging solutions. If you want to revolutionize your packaging process, partner with System Packaging for custom industrial packaging machinery today!

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